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A look at past presidential watches

Now that election day is finally behind us, it seems to be an appropriate time to review some of the most exceptional watches that have been worn by the men who have occupied the Oval Office. While in recent years, economy has been the name of the game (Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both sported Timex watches, while Obama goes for a Jorg Chronograph manufactured for the Secret Service), in years gone by our chief executives have worn some exceptional timepieces.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, arguably the most influential president since Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, wore a Tiffany & Company watch with a Movado movement during his years in office. The watch had a perpetual calendar and gold hardware, but the real value to this piece came from its wearer and the elaborate engraving on the case, which read, "Presented to President Roosevelt by Dr. Boldan, Former Minister of Education at Dinner of Lions Club of Havana on January 30,1942."

During his presidency, Eisenhower was known to wear a Rolex Datejust, and some insiders believe that the Day-Date President was actually named for this post-World-War-II leader, as the company allegedly presented him with the brand-new model as a gift when he was re-elected in 1956.

John F. Kennedy also had a Rolex connection, though he wore his Omega Ultra Thin and his Cartier Tank watch during his short time in office. According to reports, his alleged paramour Marilyn Monroe gifted him a gold Rolex Day-Date President, engraved with the words "Jack, With love as always, from Marilyn, May 29th 1962." It was sold at auction three years ago for $120,000.

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