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Breguet celebrates the 200th anniversary of an item that changed the world: the wristwatch

Breguet is widely regarded as one of the most esteemed watch makers on the planet, though few are aware of the extent of the impression the company has made on the industry. In 1812, the Swiss clockmaker and pocket watch craftsman Abraham-Louis Breguet created the first wristwatch.

The company recently celebrated the bicentennial of this historic event with the release of a special-edition watch from their Reine de Naples collection. Few people are aware that the first wristwatch was actually designed for a woman, Caroline Murat, who at the time was the Queen of Naples.

While no drawings exist of the watch A.-L. Breguet made for the queen and its whereabouts are unknown, records of its specifications made it into the history books. The watch featured an oval face, a thermometer and a minute repeater. This detail led to the modern day Reine de Naples collection, which includes some of the most unique women's watches available.

Breguet also commemorated the anniversary with an astonishingly lavish event on the Mediterranean last month. The special-edition Reine de Naples, in white gold and encrusted with sapphires and diamonds, with its famed oval face and off-center dial, was prominently displayed wherever guests were.

Though he never could have known the influence on the timekeeping world he would have, with a single piece, Breguet revolutionized the watch world.

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