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Breitling Emergency helps rescuers locate stranded hunter

Mark Spencer, an avid grizzly bear hunter and native to Alaska, became stranded with his hunting party in the depths of the wilderness in mid-August this year. His group, using a boat to hunt, had been caught in rapids on the Susitna River and pulled into an inlet for shelter, which they discovered was too shallow for their vessel.

In an effort to find help, the enterprising Spencer took off on his own and risked the ice-filled Susitna, hoping to spot another group and alert them to his plight. Unfortunately, though, he hit a shoal, ripping a hole in his only means of transport. As it sank into the icy waterway, Spencer knew he had no choice but to head back toward his team on foot.

What followed was a 48-hour struggle in the desolate and dangerous Alaskan wilderness. Luckily for Spencer, he was wearing his Breitling Emergency watch, a handy and stylish little piece of equipment that does much more than simply tell time. This Breitling includes a built-in GPS locator, which it turns out, was much more accurate than Spencer's personal locator beacon (PLB). The PLB pointed investigators to a site four miles from the hunter's actual location.

So, Spencer pulled out the miniature antenna built into his timepiece, which lasts for up to 48 hours and has a 100-mile reach - not what you'd expect from a luxury watch. Rescuers quickly found him and swept him to safety in a helicopter.

Of the timepiece, Spencer said, "Breitling is the number one piece of equipment I always bring with me. Even if I lose everything, I will always have my watch. That gives me and my family peace of mind."

Heartwarming, no? If you're embarking on a wilderness excursion to hunt grizzlies, consider investing in an adventurer's timepiece. Or you could buy it for the style.

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