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IWC launches "The Man's Guide to Buying a Watch" video series

Whether it's a holiday ploy for wives looking for Christmas gift ideas or simply an affirmation of what makes their timepieces great, IWC has released the first in its YouTube series, "The Man's Guide to Buying a Watch."

The first video asks the question, "What is a movement?" This may seem like a basic question for watch lovers, almost too simple to deign with a reply. However, IWC mostly discusses their own watchmaking history in response, which impressively includes in-house movement making from the company's inception in 1868.

It also provides some serious eye candy for fans of luxury watches, with black and white, slow motion shots of the ticking of tiny gears and the winding of springs. Tantalizing shots of Switzerland and master craftsmen abound throughout the segment, while Michael Friedberg, the moderator of the IWC Collector's Forum, narrates.

The best moment comes when Friedberg describes the manual watch.

"The mechanical watch is a series of gears, and springs, and moving parts. They typically have between 175 and 500 little pieces, hundreds of them, painstakingly engineered and assembled. They all have to work together in harmony to tell time perfectly," he explains.

During his speech, exquisitely detailed inner workings of watches dance slowly across the screen. The company practically sells itself as the seconds tick by in the two-minute episode.

The company will release more videos, it says, in the coming months. If they're as elegant as the first, we'll be watching.

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